Joe Macpherson
Joe Macpherson
24. March, 2022
Drew Blackett
Drew Blackett
21. March, 2022
Sorted out my decking aswell as a well built fence installation, top professionals.
Jordan Hill
Jordan Hill
21. March, 2022
Chris McGinty
Chris McGinty
21. March, 2022
Barry Molloy
Barry Molloy
19. March, 2022
31. October, 2020
Great landscaping company to deal with. We got a new outdoor decking built on our patio, as well as helping us with new turf and retaining walls for the garden. Great service and we are delighted with the finished product. Would recommend for anyone looking for a local deck builder or landscaper David
Welcome to Bearsden Landscaping, Decking & Fencing 
We are a local company who are passionate about helping customers transform their gardens and properties.  Our team consists of highly skilled contractors who can transform your home into one that you can be proud of. We are committed to giving you landscaping and paving solutions so you can be show off your home with confidence, and take pride in hosting friends and family in your garden.

We are a locally owned company servicing all areas around Bearsden, Milngavie and Glasgow. We have been in business for the past ten years, and take pride in high-quality service, which has helped our business grow to what it is today.

We have a team of estimators, designers, decking and fencing specialists, and landscapers, who are all fully licensed, insured, and registered to work on your property. We guarantee service with a smile, and we will always clean up after the job is done. Our team understands that every property is different, we offer bespoke solutions for every one of our customers. We work in the residential and commercial space, with no job too big or small for us!

Our local contractors specialise in the following areas
  • Landscaping
  • Retaining Walls
  • Decking installation (Timber and Composite)
  • Turf Laying 
  • Patio Building 
  • Fencing (timber, vinyl)
  • Monoblock Driveways
  • Artificial Grass
  • Domestic drainage solutions
  • Paving Solutions

If you’re looking for a landscaping company in Glasgow for any of the above, then look no further! Give us a call on 0141 363 0237 for a no obligation quote, with no hidden costs! We understand how challenging it can be to find a reliable landscaper these days, so we like to go above and beyond expectations for our customers. We don’t want your money unless you’re 110% happy with the job. Because deep down, we want you to tell your friends how much you love your new garden, driveway or patio. We look forward to speaking to you very soon. Check out our services page for more info! Your Truly Bearsden Landscaping Decking & Fencing
Garden Decking

Garden Decking

If you are looking for a decking builder in Milngavie or Glasgow, don’t go far; we have got you sorted!
​We are decking builders and offer a premium service for clients looking to upgrade their home.
Before we do anything, our experts measure your space to ascertain the exact quantity of materials you need for the project.
​We are committed to offering you timber and composite decking services. We advise you about different deck choice and allow you to make the right decision, whether it be composite or pergola. This is the perfect solution for customers looking for a low maintenance solution, and they can be the best substitutes for turf lawns.
At Bearsden Landscaping and Decking, we stock high-quality materials for different types of decking. Our goal is to ensure your new decking adds value to your home.
Composite decking is made of recycled plastic and wood grain to enhance its eco-friendliness. The planks used to build your deck are manufactured colored; hence they can take decades without needing touched up. Besides, these planks don’t rot and are resistant to insect attack. 
Garden decks made of composite don’t require maintenance, and their surfaces are not slippery.  However, composites made of plastic are likely to bend due to various factors.
Timber decks are a popular selection for customers as they look authentic,  and can provide you with a natural feel and look. Our timber decking offer a premium aesthetic to your garden.
Decking installation is something we are passionate about, and would love to chat with you about your upcoming requirement.

“The team at Bearsden Landscaping are fantastic. They re-did our garden entirely with a brand new softwood decking, and new monoblock path around the house as well. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for a reliable landscaper in Glasgow.” Billy M. Milngavie Palmerston

We work with customers from start to finish on their landscape projects

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Turf laying
  • Paving solutions
  • Pavers cleaning
  • Monoblocking

We find that being around Bearsden and Milngavie allows us to work on so many fantastic landscaping projects due to the size and quality of the local real estate.

We have designed and constructed fantastic home gardens, paving, driveways, and attractive patios. We have more than ten years of work experience offering residential and commercial landscaping services in Scotland.  Our landscaping services are tailored for both small courtyard and large estates. Turf laying, lawn care, retaining walls, paving solutions, monoblocking, we cover all aspects of landscape maintenance for customers across Glasgow.
Before we do anything, we consult with you to understand your preference. We don’t make a quick decision without fully assessing the landscape and your exact requirements.

“We were absolutely delighted with our garden design, and decking built in our patio. The team at Bearsden Landscaping were fantastic. Would 100% recommend. Got the job done in no time, and stuck to their original quote!” 
Mary M, Milngavie





“I called up for a quote for a new driveway, and Steven was here the next day, and we were all booked in the following week. Cannot thank you enough for such a great job. Efficient and professional company!
​Scott K, Knightswood



If your garden fence needs replaced or given a facelift, then we are the guys to call! We are qualified contractors and offer a premium fencing service for our customers at affordable prices.

Timber is a natural resource and is a very popular option for fencing. Our team of professionals here at Bearsden Landscapers are fully trained to be able to install, repair, or replace the timber fence that you have at your property. 

With our aluminium slat fencing, you are assured of getting modern architectural styles, elegant lines, and sharp finish for your property. We install metal slats horizontally or vertically to make your property look elegant. Note that aluminium slat fencing lasts long, and it is characterized by low maintenance cost.

Vinyl fencing requires very little maintenance and one doesnt need to be repainted every few yeards! Customers love PVC fences due to their durability and wooden look and feel. PVC fencing offers a premium and attractive option for customers looking to level up from the old timber.

Our steel fencing is identified by the right design, professional workmanship, and high-quality materials. Steel fencing can be used for both commercial and residential houses. More importantly, note that steel fencing is durable, attractive, secure, and ideal for an insecure environment.

Modular fencing is a stylish and perfect choice for those on a lower budget, and can be done very quickly.
So if you need a fencing company in Bearsden, Milngavie or Glasgow, then we are happy to help and provide you with some more details!

“We got a new garden decking built. and we are very happy with the finished article. It has improved the look of our back garden massively and finally allows us to have an area to entertain! Thanks guys ​Billy M. Milngavie
Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

We construct strong retaining walls that stand the test of time. Note that if a retaining wall is constructed poorly, it can lean and even topple. A retaining wall is meant to support a structure against incoming water or earth. We build retaining walls in residential and commercial homes.
The cost for a retaining wall depends on the height, soil type, and groundwater conditions. At Bearsden Landscaping and Decking, we procure our construction materials direct from our suppliers and therefore, we can offer a very competitive pricing for retaining walls installation.

“We got a a new fence and decking built and we are delighted with the end product! All was done within the space of a few days, from getting a quote to having the job completed. 10/10”
Billy S, Jordanhil

Driveways and Paths



We construct strong retaining walls that stand the test of time. Note that if a retaining wall is constructed poorly, it can lean and even topple. A retaining wall is meant to support a structure against incoming water or earth. We build retaining walls in residential and commercial homes.

Our contractors understand the essence of height in a retaining wall. We ensure that the wall is at least six inches higher than the ground around it. 

The cost for a retaining wall depends on the height, soil type, and groundwater conditions. At Bearsden Landscaping and Decking, we procure our construction materials direct from our suppliers and therefore, we can offer a very competitive pricing for retaining walls installation.

Landscaping FAQ

Why bother hiring a professional landscaper?

The task of the landscape designer is to draw up your ideal garden before taking the next steps into the construction stage.  For small garden changes it’s easy to jump straight in, but for larger projects you are better using a qualified company who can consult and design before building. A good designer has a lot of experience and can create a look and feel that captures your aesthetic and brings your garden back to life and makes it liveable.
The overall for a good landscaper can save you a lot of cash in the long run, and alleviate further problems you may run into down the track.

What are the benefits of landscaping?

Landscaping makes you outdoors look great; thus, improving the quality of life. However, when well designed and maintained, it can improve energy efficiency in your home. It provides shade and allows for more straightforward navigation through your yard.
Additionally, home landscape reduces erosion, besides sediment losses and stormwater runoff. Still, plants absorb sound reducing noise pollution while trees, shrubs and flowers create habitats for beneficial wildlife, reducing the need for pesticides.

How often should I maintain my garden?

Garden maintenance should be done based on the type of crops. However, water the plants once a week about 2 inches. Watering frequently but shallowly causes more evaporation resulting in weaker roots.
Besides, you need to control bug which may destroy your plants or cause diseases. Clean up all fallen leaves, use correct fertilizer, prune damaged crops, and if possible, plant disease-resistant crops.

Is decking cheaper than paving?

The cost of materials and labour for installing decking is lower than that of paving.
However, the maintenance cost of pavers is less than decks. Pavers will have a longer lifespan with very little maintenance required for paver slabs for patios.

How much does landscape construction cost?

A good landscape designer can help you make sensible decisions about where the money should go to be most efficient with your project budget.
A couple of ways to forecast costs for landscape construction are to look at average costs of materials and also to look at average costs per m2. Examples for a small garden 15m2

  • Decking – £1,000- £2,500 (depending on type of timber/ composite)
  • Paving/ Patio – average cost is £1,200 

What is included in landscape maintenance?

Anything that makes your landscape look good, as well as health, constitute landscape maintenance. It includes regular mowing and fertilization, weed control, pest control, mulching, spring clean-up, edging and trimming, pruning leaf removal and shrub insect removal.

Should build my own fence?

If you have the right DIY fence kits and skill set, you can install your fence. This will save you on labour cost that you would have paid a company. However, if you lack fence installation skills and experience, you’d better hire a fencing company to do it. We normally recommend using a professional contractor for safety reasons and reassurance the job is done correctly.

What is easiest type of fencing to build?

PVC fencing installation is the most straightforward fence to build. Vinyl fence come in pieces which slot in together easily.  So a PVC fence can be built in a day in many cases.

Is decking a good idea for a garden?

Building a deck is a great way to extend your building’s living space. Typically, it offers an extra social space suited for children playing, entertaining, dining, or relaxing. Simply put, it’s one of the most attractive additions that can be made to a home.

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We service all areas including Bearsden, Milngavie, Clydebank, Dumbarton, Drumchapel, Anniesland, West End, Partick, Hyndland, Hillhead and more. 

We have been trading for over 10 years so you can be confident in the quality and finish of the job, whether it be a new garden decking installation, garden design and maintenance or new fence built, we are here to help.

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